I am a Counsellor/Psychotherapist with over eight years of experience providing professional counselling and mental health services.

Melange Counselling is a cost conscious service that provides professional counselling and psychotherapy for all those seeking help. With a special interest in providing services to those that are struggling financially, long term unemployed or are in a geographic region where services are difficult to access.If you find yourself in one of these situations or know someone who is, Melange Counselling may be able to help by offering a reduced fee for those in financial hardship or other special circumstances. Please use the contact enquiry form outlining your current circumstances and to explore what options may be available. Melange Counselling uses secure online video chat technology for appointments with the added benefits of an after hours service.

The word melange means “a varied mixture” and since each client is unique, I use a variety of counselling/therapy models and skills. I am thoroughly trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness. I am experienced in working with Primary and High School students dealing with a wide variety of client issues and difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress management, suicidal thoughts, rumination and time management. I have experience in working within a child focused trauma informed model; managing emotional and behavioural presentations of clients; developing rapport; building relationships and de-escalating potential crisis situations. I am a Youth Mental Health First Aid officer and have implemented student at risk programs designed to build meaningful relationships with a significant adult in order to develop self-esteem and manage presenting issues causing conflict.

My training and employment has given me experience and knowledge of children, adolescents and adults with a range of mental health issues and challenging behaviours. I have completed many courses enabling me to become informed about current issues such as child protection, behaviour management, crisis intervention, drugs and alcohol. Melange Counselling is a cost conscious service that aims to provide professional counselling and psychotherapy for those that are struggling either financially or are in a geographic region where services are difficult to access.

Darren Cleaver BCouns, DipCouns, MACA

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