The Counselling Room

Counselling appointments can be booked using the bookings page. Here you will be asked to provide some basic personal information. Select the payment option and make secure payment using Stripe.

Once you have made your appointment You will within 24 hours be email a password you will need to enter the virtual counselling room. Which is done by clicking in the " Enter Counselling Room " button below.

So what do you need to do online Counseling?

1. A Computer , Mobile Device ( such as a tablet )

2. Stable Internet Connection

3. A Computer that has an inbuilt or a USB webcam.

4. Your PASSWORD you get emailed at the time of your appointment.

5. Download of Zoom. Zoom is the video sofware required for the video appointment

That is all. So at the time of your Counselling Appointment. Click on " Enter Counselling Room " button below. If you arrive early you will get a message on screen that the meeting has not started yet. I am on time with my appointments so there should not be a long wait.

Download Zoom

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