The Counselling Room

Guide to using the Counselling Room

Counselling appointments take place online using secure video webcam technology.

To join your Counselling appointment online the following is required:

  1. Download and install the secure webcam technology called Zoom from the button below.
  2. Stable INTERNET Connection.
  3. Web-Camera.
  4. Computer or Mobile device [A Computer is the preferred device for better communication]

After you have made your counselling appointment using the booking system. You will be emailed a unique password that will be required when entering the secure online counselling room. Which is done by clicking the "Enter the Counselling Room" button below at the time of your appointment. You will also be emailed a simple to use step by step guide on how to set up your computer or mobile device in preparation for your appointment. Technical support is available should you have any problems. Most technical issues and solutions can be found on the Zoom troubleshooting guide, TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE FOR ZOOM. Please have your phone switched on at the time of your appointment should you need assistance connecting to the Counselling Room. For any other technical support requests of a non-urgent matter, please submit a support ticket on the technical support page.

Download Zoom

Enter Counselling Room

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